Discussion of Characters-

The character that is the most influential is Jonah because he has the most positive attitude. Meanwhile the character that is the least influential is Ronnie because she is always negative and is resisting change. The character stereo type is Ronnie who in this book is classifies as the normal run of the mill teenager. Ronnie not only takes on the persona of a normal teenager but also appears it by dressing dark and sloppy. The motivator for Jonah in this novel is his father and has been anxiously awaiting the summer he has to spend with his father, and the father like Jonah is also motivated by his children. In turn though Ronnie shows little to no motivation besides perhaps negative motivations mostly formed on the notion of returning home to her mother. This is displayed on page 16 when she has just arrived at her fathers house "He cleared his throat. 'Hi, sweetie. It's good to see you.' When Ronnie didn't answer, Kim scowled at her. 'Don't be rude. Your father's talking to you. Say something'. Ronnie crossed her arms. 'All right. How about this? I'm not going to play the piano for you." This is showing how Ronnie can be motivated by her mom but in the negative way by the way she twists what her mom says to a negative perspective. Like how her mom is telling her to not be rude and talk to her dad, she in turn is talking to her dad, but still being rude.


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The Beach- "She Vaguely heard someone shouting as the opposing team returned the serve, but before she had taken more than a couple of steps, she felt the spectators around her beginning to jostle one another, knocking her off balance for just an instant. An instant to long. She turned just in time to see one of the players rushing toward her at full speed, his head craning to catch sight of the wayward ball. She didn't have time to react before he slammed into her." pg 27
This quote is when Will runs into Ronnie at the volleyball game when they are at the fair. This is the first time they meet and they are at the beach, which is where they meet they second time too.

The beach is also significant because Ronnie has the first conversation with her dad that isn't spiteful and rude.

The beach is also the place where the baby turtle nest is. This nest is what Ronnie protects and then meets Will for the third time. This also brings Will back to the house and talk to Ronnie and get to know her.

The last reason why the beach is significant is because this setting is very different from New York where Ronnie wants to be.

Steve's house-

This is where Ronnie gets in the most confrontations with her dad. It is also where we first meet Steve and hear the description of the house and why he came to this place.
This is also where the piano is. Ronnie is very spiteful of this piano.Steve sees this and builds a "wall" in front of it.
In the house Ronnie has to share the room with her brother.